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Who We Are

The Canada Equine ...On-Line network of sites is owned and operated by a privately held Canadian company, Pondside Web Productions, located in Sherwood Park, Alberta. Situated in beautiful Strathcona County, with the highest horse population of any county in North America, we are a group of dedicated individuals proudly serving the Canadian equine community.

Although the Canada Equine ...On-Line network of sites is not affiliated with Equine Canada and its provincial Equestrian Federations, we realise the importance of these sporting and recreational bodies and we acknowledge their contribution to all things equine; however, we are an entirely separate group of websites. We refer inquiries to appropriate contacts whenever necessary and if possible.

Our Vision

Maximum Recognition and Response for Local and Regional Horse Industry.

Our Mission

“To nurture and promote the horse industry locally, regionally, and nationally, while generating awareness for it globally.”

Regional horse businesses need to promote themselves more! Canada Equine ...On-Line, in conjunction with the Canada Equine ...On-Line network of sites and Pondside Web Productions, is committed to creating the best Internet venue for promotion of local products and services. Despite the often impersonal atmosphere of the Internet, we have always been committed to providing the most friendly and personal customer service possible. To this end, we have progressed from delivering our services to only Alberta, and have now tailored regional sites to serve specific areas of Canada.

The Canada Equine …On-Line network of sites is designed to be both enjoyable and informational; sites that keeps equine enthusiasts coming back! Visitors come, repeatedly, to enjoy the look and feel of Canada Equine ...On-Line and its network of Canadian sites, by accessing the wealth of information they contain. Visitors also come to find the products and services they need through Classified Ads, Banner Ads, Business Profiles and Showcases, Stallion Profiles, the Product and Service Directory. The Canada Equine …On-Line network of sites is a valuable promotional vehicle. Services can be tied into Web sites developed by Pondside Web Productions or other design companies – enabling businesses effective equine-related communications world-wide.

Canada Equine ...On-Line will offer these services in the best manner, for a reasonable price and with our customers’ best interests always uppermost in mind.