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Rider Health:

To become an excellent rider in any discipline hopefully doesn't result in anything more than strained muscles. However, sometimes in an effort to please, enthusiastic riders can push themselves even harder than their coach would like, "pleasing 'til it hurts" - literally!

In a time such as this it would be nice to go back in time to get that all-important 'ounce of prevention'. We would like to help by providing a collection of articles that may help our budding riders. If anyone with some expertise would care to supply some articles to help us build this section, please contact us!

In the meantime, we'll start the page off with a general interest article. Off-site links are marked; when you take these links, a new window will pop open with the article from another site. Just close the window to return to enjoy browsing at Canada Equine ...On-Line.

Rider Care Articles

Introductory Level
Horse Safety (Off-Site)