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Equine Health:

There have been a variety of articles written on many different aspects of horsecare. Some of them don't pertain to our particular geographical area. In some parts of the world horseowners must protect their horses against corn mold, blister beetles, extreme heat (although the opposite is a sure bet here!) and other problems they encounter. It is helpful to know about these if travel is on your agenda, or even for conversing with horseowners through the Internet.

If you are a horseowner, chances are your horse plays a very special part in your life. Before panicking about something you've read and especially before pursuing treatment of your horse, it is very wise to consult with your veterinarian. However, it's always nice to have a bit of background information on your horse's affliction, so you can discuss things from an informed point of view.

Not all articles are written with the amateur owner in mind. For this reason we will categorize the articles we post or link to. Off-site links are marked; when you take these links, a new window will pop open with the article from another site. Just close the window to return to enjoy browsing at Canada Equine ...On-Line.

Horse Care Articles

Editor's Note: Check the Equestrian Centre for more horse care information!

Introductory Level
Pasture Management on Small Holdings (Off-Site)
Preventing Horse and Tack Theft (Off-Site)
Behavior Modification to Create the User-Friendly Horse (Off-Site)
Test Horses For Equine Infectious Anemia Now
Horses Grazing Fescue Require Sound Management
Awareness And Knowledge Are Keys to Managing Colic in Horses
Remember Benefits Of Dental Checkup For Your Horse
Needs of the Acreage Horse
Intermediate Level
Is Your Horse Fit? The Physiology of Conditioning (Off-Site)
Equine Therapy, a Part of Complete Equine Health Care (Off-Site)
Improving Forage Vital To Small Horse Operations
Records Important Part Of Foaling Management
Horse Breeders May Need To Increase Heat Detection Efficiency
Horse Manager Nutrition Important For Stallions Servicing Mares
Feeding Forages to the Growing Horse (Off-Site)
Water: The Overlooked Nutrient (Off-Site)
When Good Drugs Do Bad Things (Off-Site)
Forage Utilization By Horses (Off-Site)
Additives For Horse Feeds - Yeast Cultures (Off-Site)
Additives For Horse Feeds - Chelated Minerals (Off-Site)
Normal and Abnormal Behavior of Stabled Horses (Off-Site)
Heaves (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) Of Horses (Off-Site)
Horse Teeth (Off-Site)
Assessing Athletic Movement In Horses (Off-Site)
Is Your Stud A Dud? (Off-Site)
Horse Manager Should Prepare For Foaling Weeks in Advance
Creep Feeding Provides Needed Nutrients to Nursing Foals
Older Broodmares May Require Special Care
Fall Checks Needed to Protect Horse Breeder Investment (current as of October 2, 1998)
Cut Costs - Feed Forage (Off-Site)
Physiology, Balance, and Management of Horses During Transportation (Off-Site)
Advanced/Technical Level
Factors Affecting Reproductive Success in Broodmares (Off-Site)
Gastric Ulcers in Foals and Adult Horses (Off-Site)
Metabolic Diseases in Long Distance Performance Horses
Myths and Truths About Controlling Pain and Inflammation in Horses (Off-Site)