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Reflecting on Our History

In 1995, I had a chance to make a long-time vision come true. Someone ... my sister-in-law in fact ... took the time to explain what the Internet was all about, and the last piece of the puzzle fell into place for me.

"Upon hearing the description of the Internet,
I felt in complete awe of its possibilities,
not to mention this is exactly the tool
I'd been waiting much of my life for!"

The honest truth is, I knew very little about the Web when I started Alberta Equine …On-Line (which has now exploded into the Canada Equine …On-Line network of sites), and absolutely nothing about computers! I had to hit the books in order to learn and it was tough going. I had a dream and wanted to deliver it ASAP!

What was this dream and why was it so important to me to do something about it? I spent a great amount of time feeling isolated from the equine events happening in my area. You see, I was in a rural setting and our telephone calls were long distance to just about anywhere! With four children, I spent more than a few years wishing I could do more riding, or at the very least attend some clinics. The trick was finding out what was happening and where it was taking place. I had a vision of having one phone number or one place to check for all the events happening in Alberta – and the Internet more than fulfilled this vision.

Working online to bring equine news and information to you has exceeded my expectations as new technologies allowed me to create even more services than I had dreamed of – and with 50,000 unique visits per month to Alberta Equine... On-Line, and many requests coming from other parts of Canada and further, it was obvious that Alberta Equine …On-Line had truly grown beyond its borders. Because of this, I understood the need to create a network of sites, and so Canada Equine... On-Line, was born - a brand new website which is tailored to the whole of Canada. Visitors near and far are able to interact with a Canada-wide site; or if they prefer, will be able to select areas of Canada that reflect their own personal regional interest.

It is my goal to remain focused on my original vision of sharing all aspects of equine information with people everywhere. As a service and a business devoted to you and your love of horses, we have grown and changed over the years, and continue to evolve. As always, we'll strive to do our very best to offer our visitors the very best with our traditional and special new services about our favourite animal!

Sylvia Schneider
Publisher, Canada Equine ...On-Line
President, Pondside Digital Media Inc.
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