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Equestrian Centre:

Digimarked Horse Picture ŠJohane Janelle (28Kb)

This area is dedicated to those who think they'll be taking lessons For EVER! and in the hopes you'll come to teach yourself and others eventually, and to those who are too shy to ask about something everyone else seems to know but you've never heard about!

But you will truly know you're a horseperson when you realize that you NEVER stop learning something new about horses 'til the day you die!

We hope you enjoy this area of the site as much as we will enjoy creating it!

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Humourous Moment Involving Equines!

Horse Games: Some fun horse related games.
Help for Breeders in Distress: Cyberfoal and the Alberta Nurse Mare & Colostrum Registry
Appropriate Tack And Fit For Horses, Mules & Donkeys: provided courtesy of Marlene Malcher of Mammoth Mules.
The Galvayne's Groove: provided courtesy of Cliff Hanna.
Why a Mule?: reprinted with the kind permission of Mammoth Mules.
Thinking of Building an Equestrian Centre? 10 Tips For a Smooth Project: provided courtesy of Goodon Industries.
Care and Nutrition Guide for Your Horse and Tack: provided courtesy of Masterfeeds.
Equine Emergencies: originally presented at the Horsin' Around With UFA seminar, December 16, 2000. Reprinted with the kind permission of Dr. Krista Howden DVM, Edmonton, Alberta
Preventing Foot and Mouth Disease in Canada: reprinted by kind permission of Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development (AAFRD) Horse Industry Section
Humourous Horse Industry Definitions: for those who have been in the industry for awhile now; not to be confused with the real thing! :o)
Pyramid of Training - Level I: Rhythm: part 1 of a series
Pyramid of Training - Level II: Suppleness: part 2 of a series
A Layman's Guide To Hunters And Jumpers: English, French
Safety When Riding on the Roads: English, French
Stable Safety and Construction & Fire Safety Rules: English, French